Friday, June 18, 2010

Understanding the 'Elderly Challenge'

1) The CAI recommends senior-oriented housing options like 1)changing land leases and reverse mortgages to allow seniors to get cheaper housing and receive income 2)a barrier-less society allowing old people to move about easily, 3)all-around and affordable health care to allow old people to save money and stay healthy and lastly, 4)active lifestyles to keep seniors active and overall, healthy.
2) The CAI recommends the retrofitting of infrastructure with both normal features and elderly-friendly features to allow all people and not just the elderly to be able to traverse the area easily and without boundaries.
3) We can implement a Family Physician centered approach to health care treatment for the elderly and have Family Physicians provide the primary care for end-of-life care, no matter if it be in the elderly's own homes or nursing homes.
4) As an SST student, I can volunteer to help out at old-folk homes. I can help to organise an old-folk exercise day for old people to do exercises suited for them to keep them fit and healthy. I can help out old people that I see when they are having trouble moving around.

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