Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Identifying Challenges from EQ's

You are awesome if you can see this.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

EQ ranking!!!

NUMBER 1: What mobility obstacles to the elderly face in the neighborhood?
Reason: The elderly sometimes have mobility issues due to the natural aging process. Mostly they are unable to move around even their homes easily. Dealing with the problem will greatly aid the elderly in regaining some of their lost mobility and will also help the people with mobility disabilities.

NUMBER 2: How can we help the elderly enjoy life?
Reason: Apparently when I asked the caretakers and the people who work with the elderly, the main challenge they faced was loneliness. Dealing with the problem will allow the elderly to become open and happier, and a happy person is usually a healthy person. Also it will make the elderly more social.

NUMBER 3: How can the elderly become an advantage to the society?
Reason: As more of Singapore's population reaches 65, we will eventually have to find ways to tap into this manpower resource and build entire markets for this target demographic. We will also have to make Singapore an elderly-friendly place to allow the elderly to kontinue to be a part of society.